About Us

About Us


Carl Seidl has long appreciated fine writing pens. Most recently, he has been combining his love of unique ink pens and woodworking by fashioning pens from a wide variety of wood, acrylics, and other materials. He has been commissioned by the gift shop in Historic St. Mary’s City, Maryland to make pens out of antique tobacco sticks indigenous to the Maryland region.

His love of fine writing instruments and a particular type of vintage pen led to the creation of the RetroFit Pen. Because of lack of original components to repair the vintage pen, Carl’s creative mind designed the RetroFit Pen essentially converting a classic nonworking vintage fountain pen into a ballpoint pen with the vintage appeal.

Carl also makes letter openers, bracelet buddies, perfume pens and detachable key rings using vintage pen barrels and caps. In addition he crafts accessories such as purse hangers, candle snuffers, kaleidoscopes and more.

Carl will also customize based on a customer’s choice of design and material.

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